It is purely by coincidence that my wedding anniversary falls on National Margarita Day but oh, baby, what a cool coincidence, huh?

I make it no secret that my favorite liquor is tequila.

Some people might assume that means I’m drinking crappy, dirty liquor from a brown bottle and chewing worms when I’m done. They’d be wrong. I like a good tequila made from 100% Blue Agave and aged in oak casks. There’s a world of difference.

If you’ve never had a good tequila, celebrate National Margarita Day by stopping in to your favorite watering hole and ordering a Cabo Wabo or Patron Margarita on the rocks.

As for me, I have some Cabo Wabo Reposado here at home and I plan to mix up a Margarita on the rocks (no salt) and toast the man who has put up with my shenanigans for the past eleven years.

Happy Margarita Day!