In the long overdue second installment of the Task Force 125 series, A Taste of Liberty,  Sarah Stevens finally has a life.  Instead of the same old life with no man around who is worth the energy, now she has three!  One she loves but cannot have,  one she can have but cannot love, and another who wants her and doesn’t care if she loves him.  What’s a girl to do?

Look for A Taste of Liberty coming soon from Sapphire Blue Publishing on March 14, 2010!

Until then, here’s an excerpt:

Sarah turned to look at Vince.  He was the most attractive man she’d ever laid eyes on.  Every inch of her screamed to touch him.  It would be so easy to just drop that towel from his waist, but there was too much on the line and she couldn’t mess it up by complicating things with sex and emotions.  She cleared her throat.  “You’d better get downstairs and get some sleep.”

“I’m gonna go get dressed.”

Sarah looked Vince over and took a deep breath through her teeth.  She couldn’t help but smile at him.  “Yeah, I think you should.”  She caught a glimpse of a smile as he looked down and walked away.

A few minutes later Vince emerged from the bedroom fully dressed and headed for the door.  He spoke over his shoulder.  “Thanks for breakfast.  Mission brief tomorrow at oh-nine-hundred.  Usual place.”

Sarah walked toward the door after him.  “I’ll be there.”

“I’ll see you later tonight.”  He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

Look for A Taste of Liberty at Sapphire Blue Publishing on March 14th, 2010.