Cat Johnson is my special guest today.  I first met her on Twitter where we shared many a virtual happy hour (#VHH).  When I decided to host guest bloggers on my new website I knew I needed Cat.  She’s a fun, fabulous lady so read her blogs, her books, her tweets and enjoy!

Lisa invited me to be a guest here and I happily accepted. She said I could blog about anything at all, which is actually harder than if she’d assigned me a topic! I’m having a hell of a time deciding what to choose. It’s kind of like a menu at a Greek diner. The 10 pages of choices are a nice idea but in reality, too much freedom of choice makes any decision impossible.

In just the past month alone I’ve blogged at various places on topics such as cowboys, charity, food, tending bar, my cougar tendency, troop support, the editing process, and choosing a title for my books (separately, not all at once!).

Since it seems my blog post here is going to be about blogging, let me tell you why I do it. Of course, there are the promotional posts to let people know what I have available and hopefully generate lots of views and sales. So for my Sapphire Blue release, Gillian’s Island, I blogged about my research process since the story centered heavily on a shipwreck on an island where the only native food were aphrodisiacs. To promote my Studs in Spurs series out with Samhain, I blogged about cowboys. When I’m promoting my military romance, troop support often takes the spotlight on my blog. You get the picture…

Then there are the other posts…you know the kind… when something has really got me peeved. Those I post purely for my own sanity. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads them or not, I need to vent and thanks to the world wide web I’ve got a public forum to do so because quite honestly, the cats here in my house are not such great listeners.

So there you have it, why authors blog in a nutshell. Anyone else want to chime in with their own motivations? While you are thinking check out the very hot manflesh from my latest release.


Cat Johnson