My guest today is someone I met through Twitter and I really want to party with someday.  Debra Kayn is my kind of gal.  She’s a little crazy, a lot of fun and makes no excuses.  She’s awesome!  Check her out and you’ll see it too.

Thanks so much for having me here today, Lisa. Right off the bat, I knew what I wanted to talk about while visiting you. Kick-ass heroines! We both love our female characters to have spunk, attitude, and if they can protect themselves, so much the better. We cheer them on as we read their story, we love to see them fall for the hero and show their softer side. But, what happens when that strength isn’t apparent at the start of the story?

Let me explain a little…I have two books releasing March 25th and 26th. Neither one of the books has a kick-ass heroine. What? How can that be? I know –shakes head- it surprised me too.

Ride Free, Book Two of The Chromes and Wheels Gang series, has a heroine who grew up on a reservation with alcoholic parents. She’s been neglected, unloved, and suffered more hardships in her life than most people. Her name is Sarah.

Resurrecting Charlie’s Girl has a heroine who has suffered through some of the worse spousal abuse, both physical and mental. Her self-esteem is at the bottom of the barrel, and worse, she doesn’t believe that good things should happen to her. Her name is Charlise.

Where does the kick-ass heroines come in to play? Both of these women, in different ways, have an inner strength that shines through. They’ve endured, they wear their scars with pride, and ultimately, their courage and determination through life make them kick-ass characters in my book!

I think you will love to read how Sarah doesn’t give up and finds true love despite so many obstacles. Charlise will pull your heartstrings, yet make you cheer as she

becomes stronger and takes control of her life. Both books so different, but their kick-ass heroines will have you laughing, crying, worrying, and celebrating by the time you finish the last chapter.

Ride Free

Sarah always dreamed of joining a motorcycle gang and hitting the open roads. First to escape a troubled childhood full of poverty and alcoholism, and later, the desire to live a gypsy lifestyle and feel the wind in her hair. Her life all changed the morning a biker stopped in the middle of the road and asked if she wanted a ride.

Reefer had two rules. Don’t mess around with women who didn’t grow up riding the road and his biker family always came first. Nothing prepared him for the woman who hopped onto the back of his Harley with the ease of a born rider, or how she peeled back the layers of his sealed heart.

Two people running from a world full of hurt. Will they escape to find happiness or will they have to revisit the past?

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Resurrecting Charlie’s Girl

On the run and in hiding, Charlise wasn’t surprised that her ex-husband found her again at the hunting lodge. The sick bastard would stop at nothing to have her back, and that included murder. Abused and a former shell of herself, she wants to find the woman she was before ever meeting the elusive Jared Blatwell. This time her ex catches up with her and it appears that her time has run out.

Coming off a three-day stakeout, Tom Brannet looked forward to the hunting trip with the other men from G.P. Investigations. Rest, relaxation, and a little hunting is exactly what he needed.

Instead, he’s thrown back into his job protecting the beautiful woman behind the counter at The Ridge. No longer the hunter, he does everything in his power to keep Charlise from being the prey. Unable to stop Jared Blatwell from finding his ex-wife, Tom and his partners set up a trap that goes terribly wrong. 

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