Love at first sight?

Love can come in many forms. It can hit you straight between the eyes, and you fall instantly in love, or it can be a slower process.

Cue light romantic music playing in the background.

I first met my husband twenty-seven years ago. I don’t think it was love at first sight, but there was something going on. I remember the night in question as though it was yesterday, when he spilt his beer all down my clothes, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s only an old coat.”


Did you hear that pleasant music grind to a screeching halt?

Now, I can almost hear you ask, why did you even consider him as a potential lover? Well, I suppose I’ve always had a soft spot for the devil may care rogue, with the delicious cheeky smile.

So if you’re on a date, or at a party and things go disastrously wrong, don’t worry. You may have just found Mr Right!

I’ll give you a couple of excerpts from my latest novels, ‘The Return’ and ‘Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire’. Both the scenes are when the couples first meet, and it gives you an inkling of what is to come.

Excerpt from ‘The Return’, when Marielle and Robert meet for the first time.

I remember the day we met as though yesterday.” She smiled. “I think you were twenty-two. I was just sixteen, when my little dog, Muffin, ran out in front of you as you rode past on your motorbike.” She giggled with delight at the thought.

He laughed. “I’m afraid I let my temper show. The little blighter made me fall off right in front of you. My ego suffered a terrible knock. Did you know it took me a whole month before I had plucked up enough courage to ask you out?” His eyes crinkled at the corners.

Marielle could remember the scene with great clarity. Robert hung half on the bike half off it, as he tried to keep it upright, expletives coming fast and furious from inside his helmet. When he had taken it off, she had immediately fallen in love. He had always been good looking.

Okay, so when we meet, it’s not always perfect, but who cares.

Here we have an excerpt from ‘Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire’, when Eva and Jack meet for the first time.

At least she had done her research the night before. Matt Collins, CEO of Oil Enterprises, sat to the left, Jack McClaine of McClaine Industries in the centre, and David Archibald-Watts for Energy Pipeline Inc., to the right. There was a heated discussion as a fellow journalist debated an answer he’d just been given.
Eva sensed several pairs of eyes watch as she squeezed, breathless, into a sumptuous red velvet chair at the back of the room. She noticed one of the chairpersons, Jack McClaine, give her a dismissive glance. He obviously didn’t like interruptions. His mouth compressed as he reached out and poured water into a glass, his eyes locked on her.

“Mathew Douglas, CRB TV.” The slim, young journalist in front of Eva raised his hand and then asked his question. “What the world needs to know is how you can keep the supply of energy constant. We’ve already had Russia switch off gas supplies in Europe.”

Jack McClaine took a sip of water and answered, “As already stated, Russia turned the gas supply off themselves. A man-made occurrence cannot be anticipated.” He looked around. “Any more questions?”

Eva raised her hand, and he nodded for her to speak. “Eva St. John, New Dawn magazine. How safe is the pipeline infrastructure from terrorist attack?”

Jack McClaine spoke in his native Texan drawl. His gaze sought hers. A piercing stare focused on her face. “Well, now, Miss Eva St. John. If you hadn’t got tangled in the bedsheets this morning, you would have heard that, for obvious reasons, that topic is strictly off-limits.”

A bubble of laughter erupted in the room. A few people turned to look at her, their eyes watching as she squirmed in her seat. She felt about two inches tall. Damn the man, and damn that cheap alarm clock. Surely his remarks about bedsheets were rather impudent?

Ha, ha, Eva has never met anyone quite like Jack McClaine, but I know she is ready for the challenge.

It’s not always love at first sight? But then maybe a love that develops slowly is a love that will last.

Thank you for taking the time to read my excerpts.

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