My guest today is an unpublished author who I think will be a big hit someday soon.  She writes erotic romance and she writes it well.  After reading her first story, I had to call my husband home!  Without further ado, I present McKenzie Rose –

Let me introduce myself; my name is McKenzie Rose and I am an aspiring author – among other things. I’m very honored to be among such great company. Thanks Lisa for the invite!

Let me tell you guys a little bit about myself, since I’m unknown. I’m 24 years old, and I recently moved to Pennsylvania – Lancaster to be exact. I have a part time job which I’m hoping will become full time soon, and a heathen of a cat named Selene.

In between working and apartment hunting, I write. Some weeks more than others.

I currently have a short erotic romance submitted to Sapphire Blue Publishing and I’m waiting to hear whether they like it or not.

Erotic romance was never something I thought I’d write, to tell you the truth. Romance, yes, always, but nothing too explicit. But being the horny individual that I am, things just kind of went that route. I wrote my story and halfway through knew it was going to be a series.

In between waiting to hear from SBP I wrote the second part to The Cotton Candy Girls series. After I finished that, I decided to take a break from sex. Currently I am working on an experiment of a story.  It doesn’t have any sex and it isn’t romantic either –gasp!  Maybe something will come of it, maybe not. Who knows? All I know is that I love to write and I love sharing my stories with people. I hope to one day be published and will pursue that dream till the day I die.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard. I’m a horrible procrastinator and with things like books to read, television shows to watch, and games to play (Sims 3), I sometimes “forget” that I’m supposed to be writing.

But then I’ll see a couple kissing in the middle of the street, or I’ll have a new crush, and that feeling in my heart of romance forces me to pick up a notebook or my laptop and write. Diehard romantic I am, love is my greatest motivator. Well, love and passion.

I hope the next time I guest blog on Lisa’s blog I’ll be blogging as a published author. Until then, I leave you with an excerpt of my currently submitted story.

Emma made her way to the hallway and quickly opened the door indicated to her.Is this some kind of a joke? Emma thought as she stared into a medium sized closet.

Seeing as it was the first door on the right, she decided to walk inside. If they got it wrong, then she could get out of this party untouched and it wouldn’t be her fault.

She looked around for a switch or a cord, or even a light bulb, but couldn’t find any. “I guess I’m sitting in the dark.” Emma glanced around the empty closet. “Or standing.”

She closed the door and leaned against the wall farthest from the door.

Ok, so she was in a dark closet in the middle of a sex party. A themed sex party. And she was wearing the most ridiculous dress. The top half of her body was completely covered, but the dress was super short and tight. What’s worse, she was wearing go-go boots. She felt like an extra in an Austin Powers movie.

What the hell did she get herself into? She would give anything to be in her living room reading a book.

The doorknob began to turn and Emma went rigid. She stared at the doorknob, even though she could barely make it out in the dark. The closet door opened, blinding Emma with the light from the hallway. She shielded her eyes against it.

In a moment the light was gone followed by the distinct click of the door as it closed.