Spring is in the air here in Arizona. While the rest of the country is still in blizzard conditions we are having rain. A nice drizzle just enough to make the skies gray and the temp drop to the low 60’s. I have been enjoying the weather. Before the rain we were at 75 and sunny. I and the family took advantage by getting some much needed exercise. My son is diabetic and exercise for him is free insulin. So I’ve managed to get us all out of the house and into the fresh air for at least twenty minutes with the dog in tow.

Walking has become my new daily goal. Not to lose weight but to just get some exercise in my life. As a writer my day is spent behind the computer and I commute for my other job which is an office job so again I’m sitting most of the time. I made it my goal at the beginning of the year when a friend of mine issued a weight lose challenge and although I chose not to go after it for weight lose I find I am losing weight. Ten pounds so far. Now if I could just kick my peanut M&M habit.

I think it’s important that we all find something in life that can give us a work out and some exercise. I also find walking relaxes me. It let’s me take time to enjoy my surroundings and the company of my family. We talk about all kinds of crazy things in those twenty minutes and although my son is still in silent protest mode I hold out hope that by teaching him to exercise now I am building him a future skill that will allow him to do it easier as an adult and have it become a routine part of his day.

So if you have even ten minutes put on your shoes and go for a walk around the block and enjoy a part of your day.

Buffy Christopher
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