(This is a “safe moral mystery” with no sex or profanity.)

Mary Katherine O’Quinn (Katie to all her friends) attends the University of Florida in hopes of becoming a doctor to provide free medical care to impoverished people.  Her roots in Okeechobee, Florida, will provide a good stomping ground for this…plenty of poor folks there.

She involves herself in transporting clandestine shipments of supplies to stranded Americans in Cuba.

Her father, Jason O’Quinn, and her childhood sweetheart, Buck Evans, involve themselves in transporting clandestine refugees from Cuba.  These two endeavors clash when Buck discovers Katie is actually sending arms to Castro.

One of the clandestine refugees is Ana.  She plants her feminine hooks into Buck and because he thinks Katie has dumped him for a medical career, he marries Ana.

Ana spins her evil web over the Okeechobee residents.  The only person who has Ana’s number is Lora Evans, Buck’s alcoholic mother, but she is never sober enough to be believed.

This tale has more twists and turns than a well-worn cow path, so buckle your reading seat belt and enjoy the ride.

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