My fellow Sapphire Blue Publishing author and Taurean is my guest today.  Please welcome Su Halfwerk.


Stubbornness means resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires. Some people are stubborn, and so are fictional characters.

As a Taurean, this topic is close to my heart. Taureans are stigmatized as stubborn people who stick to their guns and never change their minds. What’s usually forgotten is our need to be accurate. So yes, when we’ve done our homework and researched our facts we tend to become strong-minded, there is no doubt about that. I, for one, would back off as soon as I discover that I’m wrong.

I’m not here to glorify myself and/or fellow Taureans *waving to Lisa*, but to tell you about a stubborn fictional character I came across while writing one of my stories. Sometimes I suspect all characters are born under Taurus star sign.

His to Possess is a paranormal romance story with a ghostly touch. Initially, Stacy’s love interest wasn’t Jeremy. I won’t take you through who or how it all started, but I must tell you this: Jeremy wouldn’t let me rest before he had his say.

I ignored him, left him out in the cold without acknowledging his existence—easy to do since he’s a ghost. I tried to shut my ears to him, after all I am the author. But eventually he won, he made me see how right it was for Stacy to be with him, to feel him. Upon revisiting Stacy’s character, I couldn’t ignore the eagerness with which she welcomed the suggestion of Jeremy’s character. The rest is history.

The story has a sense of strength to it, a feel of overcoming obstacles no matter what. An underlay of commitment that surpasses the norm.

Their story gives hope.

So yes, sometimes, when you come across a stubborn person, be it a Taurean or otherwise, don’t write them off right away, they might have a good reason for their righteous belief. Investigate, listen hard, and try to understand what motivates them. One of you, perhaps both of you, is right, but you won’t find out until you pause and try to see it from the other person’s point of view. Jeremy showed me his and earned a spot in the book and a forever-warm place in my heart.

His to Possess was released April 15 from Devine Destines.

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Su Halfwerk