Rhonda Lee Carver is my guest today.  She’s a Facebook friend of mine and I have to admit I really do enjoy following her there.  If you have a chance to check her out there you’ll understand what I mean.


Wow….I’m a published author!! I’m still pinching myself.

I am a published author of three novels. Double Dare will be released with Lyrical Press on August 16, 2010. Second Chance Cowboy, also released with Lyrical, and A Diamond in a Rose, released with The Wild Rose Press, will both be released later this year.

I still remember at thirteen picking up that first romance novel, the smell of the crisp pages as I opened it. What a wonderful experience. I was hooked. I was destined to design my own stories and create happily-ever-after repeatedly.

Just as any dream, it takes fine-tuning, careful constructing, lots of deliberation before it becomes reality. I saw my fair share of rejections, enough of them that I started wondering if I’d ever see a contract. I buried myself in my work. Tweaked, edited, and rewrote until I thought my mind could take it no more. But I was doing what I loved. I even wrote five novels in six months. I was a steam engine that had no brakes.

I remember the first contract I was offered. I was sitting on the couch checking my emails, worried about the time because I had a whitening strip on my teeth, and then I opened the one addressed Lyrical Press. I literally read it five times before my mind processed. I jumped up and screamed, the strip flew out of my mouth, and my kids thought their mommy had gone and lost it. In a way, I did. That moment of acceptance into a world where I’ve been knocking on the door of for almost two years is a sliver of pure heaven.

Double Dare will be released August 16, 2010

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