Every week, emails drift in about the status of the Winning Virgin books. The support for this series is appreciated, not to mention a great source of motivation.

Some of you want to know what’s up next for the Winning Virgin series. Many of you have asked, “What’s taking so long?” The response isn’t what readers who love the series may expect but there’s only one excuse and it isn’t pretty. You see, I took my own sweet time on Winning Virgin Devotion and the manuscript following the fifth installment. However, it wasn’t necessarily by choice.

My muse has a mind of its own. Do I have writer’s block? Very seldom, but I do have a problem forcing stories to surface when my heart leads me to write in another genre or series. That’s been the real hold up.

I write under various pseudonyms but keep in mind, the Winning Virgin series is near and dear to my heart, and I wanted to give readers of this series what they wanted most. Many of you expressed how much you wanted to see a happier ending for Sebastian, a love stronger than any other for the devious Darian, and of course, Richart needed someone special and unique to handle his dark side, maybe even someone just as wicked. Not an easy undertaking.

After the letters poured in, I put my whole heart into the plot and character development, tugging out the trusty old notebooks for the Winning Virgin series to make some major adjustments. I want you to read the fifth installment with your mouth open and your fingers itching to turn the next page.

Based on the letters I’ve read and even some of the comments left on book sellers and review sites, it appears that most of you who read Winning Virgin Lust and Winning Virgin Promises, were sold on the series and plan to continue with other installments. I hope so.

The letters and feedback suggest the stories of the Sabbat men, die-hard alphas with bad boy attitudes and sexy-hot looks captured the hearts of paranormal readers, specifically those of you who have the vampire itch. For those of you who love the Sabbat men, there’s a blast from the past you’ll really enjoy.

Then we have Richart Spenser. We can’t forget the Spenser rogue. Oh my! You’ll be shocked to discover the identity of his one true mate.

Winning Virgin Devotion isn’t like any of the other Winning Virgin books and as a small spoiler: We’re introduced to other paranormal creatures as Gabriel, Constance, Darian, Sebastian, and Richart begin their final search for a happy ending.

Will this be the end of the Winning Virgin books? I hope not. The sixth installment will land in my publisher’s hands soon after the fifth because these manuscripts were written together in order for the story to flow well for the reader and make the wonderful task of writing these manuscripts, easier for the author.

It’s important to remind readers too that this manuscript will go through a submissions process just like any other manuscript. Since this installment is very different than anything else I’ve submitted for this series, we have no guarantees about anything. Then again, in paranormal, we know to expect the unexpected. The element of surprise keeps us turning the pages.

For more information on Winning Virgin Devotion, a WIP headed to my publisher within hours, please head over to my blog where updates will be posted frequently: http://destinyblaine.blogspot.com/. Readers can add me to their blog list or follow me here: http://twitter.com/DestinyBlaine.

For more information on the Winning Virgin series, go to: http://www.sirenpublishing.com/destinyblaine/.

Love always,
Destiny Blaine