My guest today is Veronica Huerta.  We met on Twitter and haven’t met face-to-face but I think she’s just grand.  Veronica is an Author Personal Assistant.  Check her out!

1. What made you want to be a Personal Assistant to an author?

It started out a as joke. One author I am friends with on twitter, jokingly tweeted she wish she had help assisting her.  I tweeted back saying I would love to help her out. I did not really think she would take me up on it but she later sent me a message hoping I would help. Of course I said yes. I mean what a great way to make a little side money while working from home.  I am really fortunate because now I am working with four amazing authors.

2.       What do you do as an Author PA?

Just a little bit of everything. I work as intermediate between the author and potential book reviewers blogs and sites to request book reviews, schedule interviews and/or author guest blogs. I work with some author’s blogs keeping it updated and post new blog posts. I also do lots and lots of promoting to create interest in the author’s novels on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.. Lately I have been scheduling author tours on blogs/websites to get more readers aware of said author’s novels.

3.       What social networks do you handle for authors?

So far I work with blogs, facebook, yahoo groups and twitter.

4.       How many clients do you currently have and do you have room for more?

Right now I work with four clients and two potential clients. I am in look out for more clients. J

5.       What is a basic monthly fee for your services and what does it cover?

It all depends on the work/service I provide for a client.  It ranges from $40 and up per month.

6.       Where can prospective clients find you?  (Please include social networks & website urls)

Prospective clients can find me here:

Or they can email me directly at VeronicaHuerta74 at yahoo dot com with Personal Online Assistant in the subject line.