My guest today is the lovely Chandra Ryan.


“I can’t make you do anything.  Nobody can.  There are always consequences, but if you’re willing to face them you can do whatever you like.”

I’ll never forget where we were when my mom said those words to me.  We were on the gravel road that led to our home.  I can still smell the chalky-thickness of the dust that was blowing up around the car.  What I don’t remember was what’d started the conversation.  I’m guessing my mom wanted me to do something I wasn’t too keen on.  Probably homework or some chore.  But that statement stuck.  I didn’t have to do anything.  Nobody was forcing me to live my life a certain way.  I made the decisions and then I faced the consequences.  It was a powerful realization for a young girl.  And it was a realization that found its way into my newest release, Dragonborne.

Sophie had grown up in the church.  She’d lived her life to the letter of her church’s law, despite her own personal beliefs.  But when the children in her village start dying, she can’t accept it’s the will of their deity.   And when a dragon helps her discover the true cause of the plague, she has to decide if she’s going to continue living a life ruled by expectations or start following her own convictions regardless of consequence.

It was a powerful story for me to write because it reflected back to the time in my life where I started making conscious decisions.  To the time when I started taking control of my life instead of letting the winds of fate and the expectations of others drive it.   And it’s a story I’m very proud of.

To celebrate its recent release, I’m giving away a pdf copy of Dragonborne to a commenter.  Just tell me if there was a piece of wisdom your parents passed to you that continues to be important to your life.

If you’d like to read the blurb or an excerpt for Dragonborne they can be found on my website: