So I sent a guest blog invitation to each of my Facebook friends in the publishing business (authors, marketers, artists, editors)…

A Facebook friend Who Shall Not Be Named accepted a guest blog spot.

Late on the night when the blog was to be posted, I received a Facebook message asking where to post it.

I’d already sent explicit instructions twice.

I was not online (the day was done and I was already in bed) so He Who Shall Not Be Named sent the blog via Facebook.

(See anything wrong with sending the blog copy late on the night of the day you were to be a guest?)

So I tried to be a sport and accommodate  He Who Shall Not Be Named by posting the blog on the following day (a day late because He Who Shall Not Be Named was clearly too busy to get it to me on time).

But guess what?

Apparently He Who Shall Not Be Named couldn’t be bothered to proofread the copy before he sent it to me.  He sent me a revised version that afternoon and asked me to replace the initial version.

(Are we seeing anything wrong here yet?)

Oh, and did I mention He Who Shall Not Be Named bothered to Facebook message me with an additional request for the byline which was already posted as requested but he didn’t know that because he never even looked at the finished blog?

Guest Blogging Lessons for Everyone:

1. When somebody offers you blog time (aka free advertising), send them the blog copy PRIOR TO the date they intend to post the blog, not just before midnight on the day you were scheduled.
2. Always proofread your blog or be prepared to suck it up when your errors are posted.  If you do request a change, at least apologize for wasting that person’s time.

3. When anything you’ve written appears on somebody’s website, have the courtesy to at least visit that post before asking for changes!

This experience with He Who Shall Not Be Named leads me to believe that he does not pay attention to detail, cannot follow simple instructions and is disrespectful of authors’ time.  Hardly someone I want promoting me to readers or other businesspeople.

We are not in this business alone.  So many people with different specialties have to work together to create a publishing success and yet most of us are independent businesspeople.  When we are disrespectful of others’ time, we must accept that a bad impression has been made and they may not choose to do business with us in the future.

The lovely and talented, Melissa Schroeder, was kind enough to offer me a guest blog spot on her blog at on June 2nd.  She sent explicit instructions on when she needed the blog copy.  I made it just under the wire but realized too late there were also instructions on what to name the file I sent her.  I botched it but didn’t realize it until five days later when the dust settled on an insane week.  I have absolutely no expectation that I will be appearing on her blog EVER.  Why should I?  I didn’t follow instructions and wasted her time.  I’m ashamed of myself as I should be.  I actually lost sleep over this but I deserved every lost minute.

Don’t be a Guest Blogging Diva!

That being said, if you’d like to guest blog here, please visit this page for details.