Guest Blog by Jennifer Rardin

I didn’t mean for my secondary characters to take on lives of their own.  They were just supposed to hang with Jaz and Vayl, help out where necessary, and be awed by their amazing assassination skills and ubercool powers.  But then I remembered I’m not into ass kissers.  So pretty soon Cole, Bergman, Cassandra, and the rest of the monster-killing crew who join my protagonists on nearly every save-the-world mission they’re assigned to became, well, important.

Take Cole, for instance.  He started life as a Supernatural Private Investigator who met, and impulsively kissed, Jaz in the ladies room.  He has a habit of chewing bubblegum and wearing red hightops to formal dinner parties.  And I came to love him so much that I’m currently writing a serialized short story on my website about a case he worked in Miami before he met Jaz, and his life changed in a radical and permanent way.

Bergman was Jaz’s college roommate during the years he pursued his Master’s Degree.  In what field I can’t tell you or he’ll probably send a pack of goons to my house to silence me forever; he’s that paranoid that somebody will find something out about him.  Genius?  Hell yeah.  Issues?  Gawd, where do I begin?  But that’s what makes him so real that I either want to shake him, or buy him a donut and beg him to eat it before his stomach forgets it’s a major part of his digestive system!

Cassandra began life as a real, live oracle.  She’s had some time to adjust to the reality of speaking without a god trumpeting in her head every three minutes, but at least it wasn’t a complete wash.  As in, she still possesses some badass psychic powers.  Don’t touch her, baby.  You might not like the results!  What will you like?  Her organic blueberry muffins.  Yummers!

And this is what I mean!  Every time I write a book I fall in love.  Not just with my main characters, although Jaz is the sassiest, funniest, toughest leading lady I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend thousands of hours with.  And Vayl.  Ahh.  Her mysterious vampire can still make me bite my nails, even after all these years!  Yet the people (and creatures) they love tug at my heartstrings so hard, it’s difficult for me to let them go when I type the words “The End.”  When I think of Jaz’s grumpy old dad, Albert, I always smile and wish—with a hint of desperation—that I could fit him into another book besides One More Bite.  I grew so fond of Jaz’s twin brother, Dave, during the writing of Biting the Bullet, that I brought him into the next book, Bitten to Death, as well.  And, of all the inner personalities Jaz chats with throughout her adventures, I love Granny May the most.  So much so, in fact, that I’ve written a couple of adventures from her younger days for my website, and am currently making efforts to gain them a wider readership.

So, yeah, my minor characters are major to me.  And my hope is that you come to love them just as much as Jaz, Vayl, and I do.  If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the series, you can meet Cole, Bergman, and Cassandra in book one, Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

I also thought it would be fun to do a book giveaway in conjunction with my guest appearance (thanks again, Lisa!).  So one winner will get their choice of any (already published) book in the series, autographed of course.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment letting me know who is your favorite “minor” urban fantasy character, and why.  Contest closes June 1.

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Last, but really head-of-the-line, Bitten in Two, the seventh book in the Jaz Parks series, comes this November to a book seller near you!  Make sure you get in on this fabulous Moroccan adventure, complete with snake charmers, werewolves, and (in my opinion) the most hilarious scene I have ever written starring our pal, Bergman, himself!