When I kicked this new website off, a couple months ago, I sent invitations to my Facebook friends to guest blog.  I had no idea they’d be so generous in their response!  I have great guest bloggers scheduled all the way through this month and into next month.  Sometime around the middle of June I’ll be taking back the wheel and doing my own blogs for a while with the occasional guest blog by a friend or two.

I want to thank everyone that has participated.  Not only was it a great way to break in my new website but all those guest bloggers bought me enough time to get A Taste of Liberty released, submit Freedom’s Promise (which should be released in June of this year) and finish and submit The Lonely Road (which should be released later this year).  During the second half of this year, while I’m doing my own blogging, I’ll be finishing the Task Force 125 series by writing the last three books and several Sarah Stevens short stories.  Look for the last three Sarah Stevens books to be released in 2011.

In the meantime, please enjoy the great guest bloggers who will be here this month!

Guest Bloggers for May 2010

And don’t forget the monthly book giveaway for email subscribers!

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