Naming a manuscript is a funny thing.

I like to name them as I’m working on them just to give myself a point of reference.  I initially named book #4 in the Task Force 125 series “The Lonely Road”.  That title fit at the time because I had planned to write a much darker story.

If you followed my blogs or tweets through NaNoWriMo last year then you know the manuscript I wrote gave me more than my usual share of angst.  When it came time to start killing the people I’d planned to in order to send Sarah down that Lonely Road, I couldn’t do it.  They brought so much more to the story than I’d expected that I couldn’t sacrifice that new, deeper story for a plot I’d sketched.

Naming stories is a tricky thing.  Naming stories in a series makes it even trickier.

I’m happy to report that after 24 hours of brainstorming with my publisher and other authors, the most appropriate name came to me as I opened my eyes this morning –

Stealing Liberties

In this story, everyone is stealing liberties…

Vince, Vince’s brother, Russian Gangsters, State Department officials, Sarah’s bodyguard and most of all, Sarah.