alexander skarsgard

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.”

-Jace Everett, Bad Things


As I planned my return to the Hot Guys with Guns blog, one man found himself passing through my mind far more than others.  I’m a great fan of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels and a panting, sweating, heart thumpity-thumping fan of the HBO series based upon it, True Blood.  True Blood returns for the much anticipated third season in two days.


Now, as much as I love vampires, I love men in battle dress even more.  That’s why there was no doubt in my mind about featuring Alexander Skarsgard in my return to Hot Guys with Guns.

In the HBO miniseries, Generation Kill, Skarsgard plays Sergeant Brad “Iceman” Colbert, a Recon Marine not unlike my own character, Vince Hennessee, in the Task Force 125 series.

In the HBO series, True Blood, he plays a Viking vampire we may not warm to in the first or second seasons but anybody who has read the Sookie Stackhouse books knows that one day soon we’re going to warm to a rolling boil for Eric.

alexander skarsgard

All I can say is WOWIE!  Hats off to Libby Goldstein and Junie Lowry-Johnson, the lucky ladies tasked with casting True Blood.

Well done, girls!

I do have to wonder though…

Everybody gets naked in True Blood.

Do Libby and Junie have them strip before they make their final decision?

The wonderful thing about men in uniform is, once you strip away the M-16 and M-203, the 240 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, the 40mm high explosive grenades, the M-9 handgun, the chemical gear, the kevlar and the battle dress uniform, sometimes you’re left with this…

And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Can you sing “Oh, Happy Day”?

Did you know they could clean up this well?

Of course, they’re not bad when they’re all dirtied up either.

Something worth thinking about.

This brings to mind a guy I married.

And that Mark-19 on the top of the Hummvee brings to mind some great days in the desert.


And this makes my mind go blank.

But then again, who needs to think at all?

The wait is almost over…

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Come back next Friday for another Hot Guy with Guns.