If you haven’t noticed by now you will when Task Force 125 book #3, Freedom’s Promise, is released this week.  I’m sticking to a theme with the titles of my Sarah Stevens books.

The first was The Path to Freedom.

It was followed by A Taste of Liberty.

Freedom’s Promise is due to be released any minute.

Stealing Liberties will be the fourth installment.

Until now I didn’t have working titles (as opposed to final, publisher approved titles) for the last three stories.

I’ve decided to go with Chasing Freedom for book #5 because the story centers on a major incident that will change Vince forever.

I’ll use Liberty in Death as a working title for book #6 since a major character is going to die and what is left of the entire team will feel serious repercussions.

Final Freedom will be the series finale, book #7.

You can follow the progress of the Task Force 125 series here.