Preparations for our move to Texas are in full swing.  For the folks just joining us, I’m a military wife (HOOAH Air Force!) and we’ve got orders to hit the bricks and move from Denver, Colorado, to San Antonio, Texas.  The margaritas flow like the Rio Grande in San Antonio so I’m down! We also have an old Air Force buddy who has several daughters with shopping addictions who have expressed an interest in babysitting and THAT, my friends, is something glorious.  Most civilians don’t understand how difficult it is for military families to find good babysitters.  We don’t travel with our extended families so Gramma isn’t just down the road to take the kids for an afternoon and if the boys wanted to spend the weekend at Mamere & Papere’s house, it would mean several hundred dollars worth of air fare as well as a parent taking time off to fly them to Florida and back.  Long story short: Dependable babysitters are hard to find (and did I mention expensive as hell?).

My family planned a vist before these orders hit for us to relocate to San Antonio so the timing couldn’t be helped.  Since my parents only see my kids every  18-24 months, canceling the visit was simply not an option.  My brother and his husband just adopted a son, so we didn’t want to miss meeting our newest family member either.  In the next two weeks, we’ll have two visitors from Florida, three visitors from California, several home inspections and a team of movers taking away all our earthly possessions save one Jeep, two boys and two dogs.  In a little more than three weeks from now we’ll be driving the Jeep, kids, dogs and a small UHaul down to San Antonio much like the Beverly Hillbillies when they drove into Californie.

I’m still waiting on the copyedits for Freedom’s Promise.  Just as things come up in my life that inevitably delay releases, it is to be expected that the line editors and copy editors will be delayed by real life as well.  After all, the writing itself is a solo endeavor but preparing a book for publication is definitely a team sport.  Hopefully my reader (I believe I have one) will think it was worth the wait.

My line editor for Stealing Liberties, Sara Stevens’ 4th story, has finished the first round of edits.  I had planned to release free short stories that covered the team’s off duty time but the publishing timeline has been bumped up so I’ll need to include the pertinent information in the book and that means some rewrites.  There are people who won’t appreciate what happens in the beginning of Stealing Liberties but it is very important to Sarah’s story and they may thank me in the end (the reading end, that is – I’ll thank you dirty thinkers not to thank me in my end).

I’ve bored you long enough.

Thanks for reading – now go read something interesting!