Yes, we’re less than two weeks from moving from Denver to San Antonio and my whole family is here for a visit.  They didn’t plan it that way.  Their trip was planned months ago but we received military orders a few weeks ago.

Papere – my father, carpenter and jack of all trades, 2nd generation Thibault born in the USA.  He likes popcorn, ice cream and anything that can be considered junk food.

Mamere – my mother, career housewife and occasional retail sales associate, also 2nd generation from French Canadian roots.  She’s got a wicked thing for Diet Coke.

The Dude – my brother, graphic designer, compulsive home renovator (he comes by it honestly as our parents are Renovaholics) and new dad via adoption.

Daddy Guy – my brother-in-law, new dad, IT specialist and high commissioner of all things high tech.  He and my brother have been together longer than most straight couples I know.  I guess rights mean more when you have to fight for them.

G Cuz – The darling little 4-year-old my brother and his husband adopted.

Big Daddy – my husband, Air Force man, video game addict and superhero.  He likes NASCAR and country music.

Teddy Bear – my firstborn, aged 5 and aspiring super hero.  He flies single engine aircraft around Wuhu Island for kicks.

Go-Go – My baby who is now 2 years old and a book dragon.  I call him that because when he was 1 he took several hundred books from their shelves, made a pile in the middle of our home library floor and sat atop it reading a book.

Peanut-Pie – our 9-year-old German Shepherd who hasn’t changed a bit since 9 months.  She was the first guardian for both my boys and shows infinite patience when being tugged by the tail.  She likes shady spots, cucumbers, water fights and Black Forest Ham.

Roady-Joe – our 9-year-old German Shepherd/Rhodesan Ridgeback mix.  99 percent of the time he acts like and old hound laying around the house and moving slow as molasses but when he gets a bead on a cat or a wild hare you’d swear he had rocket fuel in his ass.  He likes hot concrete on a sunny day, grass rolling, back scratches and any food that can’t be referred to as “kibble”.

And then there’s me.  Mother of two with the scars to prove it, housewife, freelance writer, novelist, Air Force veteran and bitch.  I like coffee and tequila.  I drink a little too much coffee and likely not enough tequila.  If I’m PMSing just hand me a bag of Lays and run the other way.

The whole fam-damily will be here until the morning of Wednesday, the 14th, the day the movers arrive.

I’ll blog through the whole military move process.  Enjoy the insanity with me!