The fam arrived last night just as it was time to put Go-Go to bed.  Instead to trying to meet up, we cut them a break and let them get settled into their hotel for the night.  They’d had a long drive across the Rockies in The Dude’s minivan.  Teddy Bear was disappointed about not hooking up with G Cuz but he seemed to flex a little when I told him about our upcoming  trip to Casa Bonita.

Sadly, while Go-Go slept from 7-7 without interruption, Teddy Bear was too excited to sleep and insisted on waking me at midnight and 4am to talk about it.

I’ve been up since 4am.

Big Daddy woke at 7 and went to work to get a few last minute things done.

The boys are up and eating Breakfast Corn Dogs.  They aren’t really corn dogs.  When I told the boys they were sausages wrapped in pancakes they wanted nothing to do with them.  When I spun the story and called them Breakfast Corn Dogs it was Yabba-Dabba-Do time.  Its only a little lie.

Teddy Bear just took a call on his play phone from Steve, the guy from Blues Clues.  They’re chatting up a storm.

Once we get the call from the family, we’ll head out to their hotel to meet G Cuz and the gang and then spend the afternoon at Casa Bonita, celebrating Papere’s 65th birthday.

I’m trying not to be tired.

Tomorrow we check the dogs into a kennel and move into our own hotel room.