Swag: Stuff/Shit We All Get – Relating to the trade show convention industry, where exhibitors hand out “free stuff” to visitors. Most of the time these items are purely promotional materials, and are fairly worthless. ie. pencils, mugs, and mouse pads.  SWAG always has the company name, logo, slogan, product, service, and contact information clearly printed somewhere on the item/s.

You’ll rarely find an author who is full of herself.  Most of us are introverts and quite self-conscious in crowds (which is why we drink).

OK, to be fair, we don’t all drink.

The Mormon writers are all pretty wild when they get a root beer float in their hands though.

When I get into a social situation, I find I’m much more comfortable when I’m drinking like Hemingway.

So, being as we’re introverts and all, it never occurs to us that somebody may actually be reading our books and that is why we forget to give them away.

The marketing tip here is SWAG.  Somebody out there wants to read your book, they just don’t know it yet.

Authors – give away a copy of your latest book when you guest blog.  If somebody offers to review your book, offer them a copy to give away.  Most reviewers are hobbyists trying to pay for their book habit.  Help them hook more readers for their reviews by giving away some swag!

Reviewers – Don’t be afraid to ask authors if they’d like to give a copy away to a reader of yours.  99% of the time, we think that’s a spectacular idea.

There’s today’s marketing minute.

Now go give it away!

What’s your opinion on swag?  One lucky commenter will receive one of my books so tell me how you really feel.