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Book 5 in the Tour Director Extraordinaire Series
Genre: Humorous Romantic Suspense
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“Get down!” Will yelled over his shoulder.  He fired off a six-shot burst as he dropped prone into the tall grass and out of sight.  There was no other cover here-nowhere else to go.

Oo-kay, Harriet Ruby, this is no time to lose your cool.  I dove onto my stomach after him, but not before I took a heavy painful blow to the chest.

“Aii!”  My body slammed into the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of me.  The soft wet earth sent splatters of mud across my goggles.

With all the air whooshed out of my lungs, I couldn’t breathe and lay there gasping for oxygen.  I couldn’t think.

Three projectiles whizzed past my head in rapid succession.

Ohmigod!  Time to get out of here.  Vision impaired, I scrambled in the direction I thought Will had gone.  My elbows and knees dug into the ground, dragging my body on my stomach through the wet grass, my automatic weapon clutched in both hands in front of me.


This was no fun at all.  Where was he?

My heart pounded against my ribcage.  Sharp pain stabbed through me with each breath.  My aching hands knotted around my rifle.  Black dots cavorted in front of my eyes and everything had fuzzy edges.  I sucked in a big gulp of air­¾along with it a small bug.

“Aah-ugh!”  I tried to spit it out but already the critter fluttered its wings in my throat.

Coughing, I buried my face against my arm to muffle the sound.  Before I could stop hacking, a hand grasped my ankle and pulled me into a pit behind a bunker.

“Eek!”  I smashed down on top of a warm body.  A nice hard, well-muscled body.  One I recognized by feel and scent.  “You did that on purpose.”

“Shh.”  Will waited long enough for both of us to relish our position, then rolled me off onto my rear end.

I pulled away and sat up, then collapsed with my back against the dirt wall of the ditch.  He studied me for a long moment¾although I couldn’t see his expression through the protective gear¾then pulled some sort of spy instrument out of his backpack and fiddled.

Damn these grim-faced, efficient, military types.  At least today, he didn’t have a razor-sharp crease in his camos.  Shaking my head, I reached up to wipe the grime off my face with my sleeve.  “Ow!”

Will crouched behind the bunker, peering into the tool, which now looked like a small periscope.  He whipped around.

“You’ve been hit.”  His tight voice conveyed alarm.

Jeez, did he need to lighten up, or what?

I threw down my automatic Spyder MR2, pulled off my facemask and helmet, and sent them rattling to the ground beside the weapon.

“Right.  And it hurts like the devil.”  I stared down at the damp red stain on the front of my shirt.