I have been a fan of Heather Long‘s since December 2005.  That’s when she and I started working together as paid bloggers on a family themed internet community.  I became the community manager there and Heather was a superstar blogger.  Nobody could even come close to the quality of work she produced.  When it came time for me to pack my parachute and leave, I hand-picked Heather to replace me as the blog editor.  After a while she went on to bigger and better things at www.LovetoKnow.com where she is also a superstar.  I knew Heather had been writing fiction on the side all this time so when I won Sapphire Blue Publishing’s Grab Me! contest and received a contract for my first novel, I encouraged her (perhaps even begged) to submit her manuscript to this very special little publishing house that was brand spanking new.

She did and Remembering Ashby was brought into the world.

I don’t tell you these things to take any credit for Heather’s success.  Not by any means.  Heather has taught me more about writing than I could ever convey here.

If there is one thing you should take away from all of this it is when Heather Long does something, she does it so well that she blows everybody else away.  She’s published in ebook formats but you’ll see her on the shelves of your local bookstore someday very soon and the big bestseller lists won’t be far behind.

This history lesson is to explain how long I’ve been in Heather’s orbit.  I’ve worked with her, read her books, had long conversations with her over the phone and text with her practically every day.  (The poor woman just can’t seem to shake me.)  I’m sure she has prettier, nicer, less scary and more interesting friends than I but I’m just happy to be in her orbit because this lady is going to go farther than I ever could in this business.

Start reading her now.  You’ll be very happy you did!

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