Yes, I am the Freaky Story Fairy!

Not so much because I’m freaky, though I’ll proudly admit I am (no surprise to those who know me), but because I seem to be inspiring some really freaky stories lately.

First there was a joke I made about a particular scent being man bait.  That off-the-cuff little number seemed to give the brilliant Virginia Nelson just what she needed to springboard into a fantastic story that made me hungry (and I’m not talking frying pan and flatware hungry).  I heartily recommend you read the excerpt at Virg’s website.

Then there was a conversation with another friend.  It began when we were debating the merits of Page 3 Models, Gemma and Brook, and digressed into a conversation about how I am happily straight but wouldn’t say no to Kate Beckinsale if she wanted to mambo (ifyouknowwhatImean).  The freaky part of the story (as if it isn’t freaky enough in here) comes in where I explain that this particular friend is a man with a typical testosterone-fueled man’s mind.  I’m pretty sure my husband has been inspired with a similar freaky story at one point or another.  Needless to say, I was flattered.

The third time was the clincher.  I sent a brief text to a friend I’ve never texted before.  Unfortunately I didn’t identify myself properly and the text came off as a quick communique from what might have been another dimension.  I was initially mortified at what I’d done but I guess it turned out alright.  I really hope she writes that story.

I am so lucky to have friends who appreciate the freak in me!

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