Jason Statham

You really didn’t think I’d relaunch the Hot Guys with Guns Blog and NOT do Jason Statham, did you?

Yes, I said “DO Jason Statham”.


Perhaps, but it’s my blog and I’ll talk naughty if I want to.

One day, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and I will find ourselves sitting in high-backed leather chairs, smoking cigars, drinking tequila and discussing our upcoming project.  On that day, I may or may not tell Jason what he’s been doing to me in my fantasies all these years.

Nothing worse than making a hard man blush.

The unfortunate thing about Jason Statham’s career is he really has the chops to act in serious drama and likely has some great comedic timing but we’re just so damned disappointed when he does a movie where his shirt doesn’t come off (the exception being The Italian Job but only because wardrobe was kind enough to fit him with a tee shirt that was snug enough to show Handsome Rob was indeed handsome).

Moving on…in our equivalent to the Page 3 Girls, I give you this week’s Hot Guy with Guns.

jason statham


Jason Statham
These are some badass throwing knives. Only the best!


Jason Statham
Nothin says lovin like a 50 cal!


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The future producers of the Task Force 125 Movie Franchise.