This past week was a “Two Contract” week.

I’ve never had one like that before!

(Yes, Tina.  That’s what he said.)

Moving right along…

The first contract was a renewal for The Path to Freedom to continue to be offered by Sapphire Blue Publishing for another two years (or until people stop buying it – thanks very much for buying it, by the way).  The great part about this particular contract was that it included print rights.  Yes, you’ve heard it before but I’ll tell you again, Sapphire Blue Publishing books will be available through at the end of this year!

The second contract was for a completely new project I’m working on with two other authors and we’re currently keeping it under wraps.  We’ll begin releasing information about it beginning on September 22nd at the Sapphire Blue Publishing blog so set your RSS feeds and subscription notifications because you won’t want to miss this.

Until next time remember:

Coffee and Tequila ARE food groups and neither has any calories if consumed without side dishes.

Yes, a liquid diet can be fun!