I Have Good News!

Sapphire Blue Publishing has offered me a renewal contract on The Path to Freedom.  The really good news: this contract will include paperbacks!

The Path to Freedom, the first in the Task Force 125 series based upon Sarah Stevens’ missions and adventures, was first released on 21 September 2008.  That was the year Sapphire Blue Publishing opened its doors.  I entered the Grab Me! contest to get some feedback on my manuscript and came away with a publishing contract.  Who knew?

Since then, Sarah Stevens and I have continued to run together.

A Taste of Liberty was released in March of this year and Freedom’s Promise followed closely behind in July.

My initial plan for a 7 story series holds firm. 

Stealing Liberties, the 4th installment in the Task Force 125 series, should be available this winter.

Next year I hope to release the last 3 books in the series, tentatively named Chasing Freedom, Liberty and Death and Freedom to Live.  (Of course that all depends on whether or not people keep reading!)

But right now I’m just happy The Path to Freedom will continue to be available in electronic formats and soon be available in paperback.  That’s quite enough to be happy about.

Thank you for reading!