Readers love progress meters.  They enjoy seeing what a writer is working on and how close they are to finishing.  Writing meters are also a great way to keep writers motivated.  You don’t want to put a meter up for readers to see that you haven’t done a damned thing, do you?

There are a ton of writing meters out there but I really like the ones I have on my site now.  (See the right sidebar.)

These meters are easy to install on your website for your own use.

Just click on one of my meters.   That will take you to the page that generates them.

You plug in your word count and how many words your goal is and it’ll generate the html code for the meter you want.

Copy it and post!

If you use WordPress, just go to your WordPress dashboard, click on “Widgets” and select a “Text” one for your sidebar.  Paste the code in the text area, give it a title, click on save and then check out your site.  You’ll see the meter in your sidebar.  Whenever you want to update it, just click on it, generate an updated one, paste the new code in the text box and you’re done.