Frozen Hell, Lisa Pietsch, KF Zuzulo, Heather Long, seven souls a leapingI’m writing a story that does not include Sarah Stevens or warm tropical locations.

For those who may have missed the cryptic memo, I’m writing a story, Frozen Hell, that will be part of a shared world anthology with Heather Long and Kellyann “K.F.” Zuzulo.  This isn’t my usual Sarah Stevens style adventure.  It is a paranormal romance, something of a “Romancing the Stone” meets “Supernatural”.

It is a stretch for me, but a good one.  I’m writing a whole new set of characters, a new hero and heroine and a completely different location.  This time, I’m in Boston in the middle of winter.  I’ve been there personally.  Boston is one of the many homes of my youth, but Boston in the dead of winter it is a cold, dark place.

Check out the teaser video for our new release coming this winter to Sapphire Blue Publishing.