OK, the writing itself isn’t a team effort but writing for publication most certainly is a team effort. Let me tell you about my team:

Sapphire Blue Publishing

My publisher took a chance on me. My first manuscript was rough and needed an immense amount of work but they saw something in it and chose to work with me.

Line Editor

My manuscript was assigned a line editor and we did several rounds of edits. She’d point out issues, I’d either correct the issues ow we’d discuss why I felt they were important to the story. Together we refined my original manuscript.

Copy Editor

Once line edits were completed to our mutual satisfaction, the manuscript was assigned to a copy editor who graciously pointed out where I started four paragraphs with the same word or scrambled my timeline. Details like that can ruin the experience for a reader.

Cover Artist

Sapphire Blue Publishing has a specific cover artist who creates all their covers. Kendra Egert is the woman responsible for my covers and likely a good portion of my sales. I’ve seen bad covers but never from Kendra.


Reviewers don’t get paid for their work (and they usually buy the books they review) but their service to the publishing industry is invaluable. Without reviewers, most readers would never hear about our books. They can make the difference between a book that sells and one that bombs.

Other Authors

For a career that is, for the most part, solitary, we do a great deal of leaning on each other. Other authors read our books, review them, help us promote them and even allow us to guest blog on their websites. This level of cooperation is unheard of in other career fields.

The Reader

Like the proverbal tree in the woods, if a novel were published but nobody read it, would it still be a novel? Writers would be lost without readers and publishers, editors and cover artists wouldn’t work.

So, you see, the writing itself is done as a solitary endeavor but writing for publication is a team sport.

Personally, I am grateful to be on such a fantastic team.

For more information about me and my team, please visit my website at www.LisaPietsch.com.