I love Gary Sinise.  I stop what I’m doing just to hear his voiceovers.

Oh, and I LOVE Gary Sinise just in case you weren’t clear on that.

This is a picture of him performing for our troops.  Gary has been to the Sandbox more times than all the soldiers, sailors and airman I know put together.

gary sinise

Every time he visits a military base, somebody refers to him as Lt. Dan (from Forest Gump) and it stuck.  He put together a band and called it The Lt. Dan Band and does USO tours when he isn’t filming.  This guy is an amazing acting talent and a true patriot.

Today is all about Gary Sinise.

gary sinise

Here he is in Iraq with Marine Corporal Richard Pruss.

Gary Sinise

Who doesn’t like guys with badges?

I know.  It seems to be a recurring theme for me.

gary sinise

Muscles.  Another recurring theme…

gary Sinise

gary sinise

Nice tie.

gary sinise apollo 13

I loved him in Apollo 13.

gary sinise, kevin bacon, tom hanks, bill paxton

gary sinise

“You must be my FNGs.”

(That is a military term that means “Fucking New Guy”.)

Who didn’t love Lt. Dan?  If you’ve been in the military, you’ve known a Lt. Dan and he’s the guy you don’t mind going to the jungle or desert with – or being stuck with on a shrimp boat!

gary sinise flight suit

Did I happen to mention that I love Gary Sinise?

Admit it – he’s kinda hot in that flight suit.