steampunk laptop

While taking a short break from edits, I created a little steampunky sort of story for dinner time when my son asks me what I did today.

In case you’re wondering, a zeppelin pilot knocked on my door and informed me my services were needed.

We flew to a small island in the Caribbean where a pirate was waiting for us.  The pirate treated me to a lunch of French toast with bananas and strawberries (accompanied by a fine cider) and then regaled me with his adventures on the high seas which I am to record for posterity.

steampunk laptop

Then I saw this…

I must remember to inform my pirate friend that I’ll need it in order to give his story the attention that it deserves.

I’m sure he’ll part with a few gold bits so I can buy it.

Who wouldn’t want to write amazing stories on a laptop like that?!