matthew macfadyen

This one goes out to my friend Tina Gerow who is currently in an intensive care unit in Arizona.  She and I have been lusting for this Englishman for quite some years now.  Tina is fighting the good fight but she needs all the good thoughts and prayers you can send her way.

If you’re a fan of MI-5 (as we call it here in the States) or Spooks (as they call it in England), you’re seen Tom Quinn, who was, without a doubt, a very attractive character.

If you’re a Jane Austin fan, you’ve seen Pride and Prejudice where Matthew played Mr. Darcy.  All I can say about that movie is – Oh, Mr. Darcy!

[On approaching the character of Mr. Darcy for Pride and Prejudice:] I find Darcy very sympathetic, I find it heartbreaking that he’s seen as very haughty and proud – and he is those things – but he’s a young man who is still grieving for his parents. He’s from an ancient family and has this huge responsibility, but it seemed to me that he’s still trying to work out who he is and how to be in the world. I found that very interesting, and I found him very sympathetic.

mr darcy, jane austen

[When asked if modern viewers will view Mr. Darcy differently.] I think looking at it now, Darcy would seem much more snobbish in our understanding of the word than he would then. To somebody like Darcy, it would have been a big deal for him to get over this difference in their status, and to be able to say to Lizzie that he loved her. We would think it was incredibly snobbish and elitist, but it wasn’t for him. It would have been a big admission, and he would have found it very vulgar. It’s a bigger divide than it would have been then is what I’m saying.


matthew macfadyen

You all know my weakness for men dressed to kill.  Hello, handsome!

matthew macfadyen

Keep fighting the good fight, Tina.

We love you!