Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous


A friend of mine texted me on New Year’s Day and asked what my New Year’s Resolution was.

I proceeded to inform her that I didn’t have a “resolution”, I had a comprehensive list of goals with monthly and weekly breakdowns of tasks that would be accomplished toward those goals.  I offered her the PowerPoint Presentation if she was really interested. 

Yeah.  I’ve got one.

Pardon me while I pull the stick out of my ass.

Rather than bore you with my goals, which are both long and short term from one month to five years, I think I might make a resolution after all.

I resolve to be more like Patsy Stone in 2011.

I’ll wear redder lipstick and lighter hair, shorter skirts and darker sunglasses.  I’ll drink more of the good stuff when I have something to celebrate and I’ll celebrate all of my achievements rather than silently tuck them away.  I’ll spend more time with friends and not be afraid to smoke their cigarettes, drink their booze or ride in their limousines and helicopters.  I’ll say what I think and make no excuses for it.

I may not be Absolutely Fabulous but I’ll do my level best to be moderately and assuredly fabulous in 2011.