I’m on the road somewhere between Minnesota and Texas today so I thought this might be a good time for a Hot Guys with Guns Review.  In case you haven’t noticed, you can completely bypass my rambling blogs and go straight to all the Hot Guys with Guns blog by clicking on the link in bold type at the top left corner of the page that looks something like this:

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Here is how Hot Guys with Guns started.

Following is a clickable list of Hot Guys who have been featured here:

Ryan Reynolds – Cute, sassy and cut!

Jamie Bamber – I’m getting my offerings ready for Apollo.

Clark Gable – The lovable rogue.

Henry Cavill – the real treat in The Tudors.

Matthew MacFadyen – Loved him in MI-5.

Harry Connick Jr. – Sing, dance, act, play piano…*sigh*

Gary Sinise – How can I be only 1 degree away and not have met him yet?!

Colin Farrell – Not bad for a short fella.

Vin Diesel – The only man I know who looks good in a “wife beater”.

Mark Wahlberg – “I’ll bet you do all kids of alright.”

L.L. Cool J – Rockin’ abs by special request.

Channing Tatum – Makes me want to play with G.I. Joe.

Hugh Jackman – The bathing scene in Australia, put it on a continuous loop.

Jeffrey Donovan (and Gabrielle Anwar) – Hey, I can admit when a woman is hot.

Stallone, Willis and Rourke – a trio of hotness in their day.

Jason Statham – My next ex.

Daniel Craig – One of the BEST Bonds.

Mark Valley – Salute!

Val Kilmer – Who can forget his performance in Top Gun?

Kevin Durand – He made Legion well worth watching.

Gerard Butler – Hysterical in romantic comedies like The Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth.

Shemar Moore – He was the ONLY Malcolm for me on The Young and The Restless

Bradley Cooper – Loved him in The A Team

Chris Evans – Have you seen him in the Gucci Guilty commercial?  HAWT

Sean Bean – Loved him in Lord of the Rings

Eric Bana – Made me sob in The Time Traveler’s Wife

Alexander Skarsgard – My favorite vampire.