They’ve found a way to deliver cheaper than Nook.

Amazon’s new Kindle with Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers includes all the same features of the latest-generation Kindle:

Ppaper-like Pearl electronic-ink display

One month battery life

Ultra-light weight at just 8.5 ounces

But this one is only $114 and comes with advertising.  The good part is that the offers only appear on the bottom of the home screen and don’t interrupt your reading experience.  (You won’t be ripping through a good action or love scene only to turn the page and see an ad for!)  The sponsored screensavers only kick in when your Kindle is idle so there’s no loss there either.

It seemes to me that if price was your reason for not buying a Kindle, this may have solved your problem.

To pre-order Kindle with Special Offers and have it delivered on May 3 for $114, click here.