We started the day with my oldest melting down in the driveway before we even pulled out. 

“I miss my dad!” Was heard in sobbing tones. 

When we stopped for gas, he hung out his window sobbing “Dad?  Dad?  I want my dad.”

I had some horrific thoughts about being reported as a kidnapper.  Not happy times.

We finally left Lackland Air Force Base and the sobbing slowed to a dribbly whimper. 

The first two hours were a nightmare of tantrums from the back seat and the stop and go of me pulling over every 20 minutes.

Finally, the little one fell asleep and things got quiet for a while.

Then my 6-year-old wanted to have a long talk about God.  Thank God he doesn’t know about the Trinity yet!

When we checked into the hotel in Lake Charles, we discovered thatt although the place had a pool, the thing was padlocked and inaccessible.  Not to mention pretty damned yukky.  So I let the kids use their bed as a trampoline.  Fuck you, Motel 6.

When they were all jumped out, it was time for a bath.  Go ahead, use all the hot water and splash as much as you like!

That still didn’t work so I whipped out my GPS and scoped out every Burger King and McDonald’s in Lake Charles for an indoor playplace.  No luck.  Fuck you, Lake Charles.  And Louisiana wonders why it’s kids are some of the fattest in the nation!

We got ice cream on the way home.

Something about the baby’s favorite food really ticked him off tonight.  He started sobbing “I don’t like it!  I wanna go home!” 

He’s been going at that for the past hour. 

Once in a while he throws in a tearful “I’m so sorry.” 

I’m watching him pace the room like a caged animal, after several attempts at tucking him into bed, and all I can do is mumble the Serenity Prayer to myself and wait for him to pass out on the floor.  Once he does, I’ll put him in bed and maybe get some sleep myself.  One can hope.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I’m planning to take them to the beach until they pass out in their sand castles.

Driving through Lake Charles, Louisiana?  Drive ON!