We managed to sneak out of Lake Charles without villagers with pitchforks riding us out on rails.  After the little guy’s hour-long tantrum last night, I had concerns.

The kids were much better about getting along in the back seat.  Of course I issued Leapsters, beverages and Oreos before takeoff in hopes of buying an uneventful trip.  They did well. 

At lunch time I found a McDonald’s with. A playplace and they finally got their runaround time.  Unfortunately there. Was one messed up little boy who stood at the top of the slide screaming “Get out of my sight!” To all comers.  You gotta wonder what goes on in that kid’s house for him to learn behavior like that.

The afternoon drive went well and we arrived at our motel around 3:30, checked in without a hitch and proceeded to the pool. 

The only problem we’ve had so farr today was the baby flipped out over stuffed crust pizza in a bad way. 

Bad call, Mommy.

I still have one more travel day to make it right.

Hey, it’s a shakedown cruise.  I knew it would be trying.