We last left our traveling trio with a minor meltdown over a stuffed crust pizza…

We ended Day 2 with a sunset stroll on Pensacola Beach and that took care of the meltdown.  Markie fell asleep happy on the way back to the hotel.  When I placed him in his bed, he woke up long enough to smile at me, touch my hair (now naturally supercurled from the humidity) and say “Mummy, you’re so cuuute.”  I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

On Day 3 we woke, put on our bathing suits for a morning swim and walked to the pool to find it locked.  Aaargh!

Back at the room, we had an unexpected visitor when a giant black dog, shaved to look lion-like sauntered in.  We had a nice chat with his owner while patting and scratching the gentle giant. 

After changing into traveling clothes we set off to a McDonald’s Playland for some play and breakfast. 

Eight driving hours later, we arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, on our last two gallons of gas and happy to be out of the Jeep.

Now we can spend a week resting and relaxing in Florida before we hit I-95 North to Boston and Maine.