Day 4 started blissfully enough. 
The kids didn’t sleep perfectly but that should be expected.

First thing in the morning, Papere took Teddy for a bike ride on the bike trails here in St Pete.  Poor Teddy was exhausted by the time they got home but they’d had a good ride and even seen a dolphin!

I picked up some groceries during the hot hours and then we headed to the beach at about 4pm.  It was gorgeous!  Just warm enough but not too hot, waves lapping at our feet and a nice breeze off the ocean.  We stayed until Teddy was too tired to jump the waves with Papere anymore.  (Markie had fallen asleep on the way to the beach so he was ready to get home anyway.)

A quick bath, a snack and the opening scene of Despicable Me later and both boys were passed out!

I had about an hour to relax before Markie woke up with an earache.  No amount of Rock-a-Byeing could soothe him.  Finally, after about an hour of tearing at Mommy & Mamere’s heartstrings, he cried himself to sleep.

He spent the rest of the night tossing and turning on my bed while I spent it waking up at every turn to be sure he didn’t toss himself off the bed.

Day 5 will be pretty easy: a trip to CVS for children’s Sudafed and a baby dosage syringe.  (You try to pour liquid motrin into the mouth of a screaming child and tell me how that works out for you.  It was and epic fail for us!)  Then we stay home and get rested up for a day at the pool at Aunt Linda’s.