My sons and I hit the road tomorrow.  I’m still in the process of packing and getting everything ready to load up into the Jeep tomorrow morning.  I’m sure I’ll forget something but the idea of minimalist living does have a certain attractive aura of clarity about it.

My oldest (6) is spending his last day at home with his girlfriend next door.  She will have moved to Germany by the time we return.  My youngest (3) is spending his time distracting his father (who will not be traveling with us). 

We both thought this summer would be a good way to prepare them for future (post divorce) vacations with only one parent.  If all goes well, their father will meet them in Minnesota for their two-week stay with his parents.

For now, our focus is the first 3-day leg of the trip that will take us East to Florida.  We’ll stop overnight in Lake Charles and Pensacola befor arriving in St Petersburg on Wednesday evening.

Stay tuned as the adventure begins!