I drove to the gym today, Gold’s Gym on SW Military Drive, and the morning was weird.  Still dark outside, with a hazy sky and the occasional glow of lightning behind thick clouds.  Hell’s Bells by AC/DC came on the radio.  (I like to listen to KZEP on my drive to the gym.  Classic Rock always helps the mood.)  It all looked like the setting for a Frank Miller movie.

When I arrived I did the usual, locked up my stuff and wired into the music matrix that is my Android phone.  John is using a high-tech approach with apps for his workouts and diet but I’m going “Old School”.  No apps for me.  I’ve got a training/diet journal and a pen.  Yeah, maybe blogging is a bit high-tech but it gives me that accountability factor that singles sometimes need.  I live alone, don’t have a training partner and haven’t heard back from Jonathan Acosta yet so I may be doing this whole thing solo.  However it gets done, it needs to happen.

Yesterday was my first official day.  I woke up later than intended and was behind the power curve much of the day.  I went to the gym and spun my wheels on the recumbent bike for a half-hour.  It turned out to be a big morning for business phone calls so I was on the phone the entire time and really didn’t sweat like I should have.

Today, I was totally focused – and sweating.  I started off with a mile run.  John has this crazy idea I should run in the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll Marathon next year.  I won’t do the full marathon but a half marathon is one of those things on my bucket list so why not.  If I do it, I’m getting a camera and mic and webcasting the whole race, from the back of the pack!  (That could be funny – and talk about accountability!)

Once I was warmed up I started my lifting.  I’m dividing it into upper & lower body days, Body-for-Life style.  (If you’re going to follow me here, you should know now that I heart Bill Phillips.)  Today was upper body day so I grabbed two 15lb dumbbells, got horizontal and started pressing.  5 sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, 12.  Then I did the same 5 sets of concentration curls for my biceps, bent over rows for my back, seated presses for my shoulders and lying presses for my triceps.  I was pretty burned out by the time I got to triceps and didn’t do the full 5 sets.  I’ll make up for it by doing triceps first on Friday.  *Working out before breakfast burns more fat because you don’t have any carbs for your body to draw on for energy and it has to use fat stores.  The downside is you poop out faster. 

Here’s where I started (there’s nothing quite as humbling as telling the world your measurements):

Weight 176.8 with 33% Bodyfat

Bust 40, Waist 34, Hips 42, Thighs 22, Calves 15, Biceps 13

When I got home, I popped a couple carb blockers with my coffee and enjoyed two thin slices of toast with low-fat cream cheese.  (I’m trying to lose weight, not kill myself!)

If you read this far, please leave a comment.  It helps to know if somebody’s watching.  LOL