On Conflicting Opinions

John uses apps.  I have my trainer, Jon.

John counts calories.  I count protein and carbs.

John exercises at home.  I go to a gym.

And yet there are many others getting healthier in even more ways.

I’m really glad we decided to do this Xtreme Transformation project along with our magazine, SAXtreme.  I believe it is very important for readers to see that there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer.  Too many people get caught up in the pat, “party line” prescription for health and weight loss and when it doesn’t work time-after-time, they end up feeling broken and hopeless.  Some people spend years and years trying to use the same old advice and oftentimes, they get fatter and fatter while they’re doing it.  I know because that’s what happened to me.  I don’t want that for our readers.  We’re here to prove that there isn’t just ONE WAY, but there is a way for everyone.

On Carbohydrates

OK, for those of you who may think I’m anti veggie because I haven’t been eating many, that is not the case.  I’m all for vegetables and a very big fan of broccoli.  I’ve been pretty busy this past week so my food prep time has been limited.  Truth be told, I still haven’t had a chance to buy dishes since leaving my ex-husband’s house and only just got a microwave so preparing vegetables hasn’t exactly been a simple thing.  What I (personally) have a problem with is the starches found in grains and potatoes.  While some people may be able to eat a Spartan diet of barley gruel and water and lose weight, I would gain it.  That’s just how my body works.  I’m not saying everybody has to do what I’m doing.  I’m saying I have to do what I’m doing because that’s how my body works.  If you’re counting calories and you want to eat the pita then eat the pita!

And now back to me…

I met with Jon yesterday.  (If you mind me calling you Jon then leave a comment.  I know you’re watching my blog to see if I’m cheating 😉  I can see why he gets results from people.  There’s just something about this guy’s presence.  He’s really positive, but not in that in-your-face-infomercial way.  I didn’t feel judged.  I felt very hopeful.  Having had weight issues (and not all that many date nights) in my lifetime, I’ve had a lot of time to research and study and try different approaches.  In fact, I’ve read every issue of Muscle & Fitness issue since 1988 and every Muscle Media issue published.  Jon was paying attention when we talked.  He understood that I had issues with starch.  He understood that I didn’t have the time to prepare foods constantly and protein drinks were a favorite.  He also understood that I don’t have a huge stomach capacity to eat huge salads at a sitting.  He took all that into consideration when we were talking about my diet and I can honestly say that in all my years of dealing with doctors, nurse practitioners, personal trainers and so-called experts, he was the first person to GET IT.  (And his fiance, Jen, is very cool too!  Lookout, San Antonio, these two are going to make an impact!)

Right now, we’re not counting carbs.  I just have to have protein and vegetables every 3-4 hours.  He suggested spinach in my protein shakes.  It sounds unpleasant to me but I’m going to go out and get a blender today because if a person would kill to have a perfect body, wouldn’t drinking spinach be considered a much smaller sacrifice? 

Just sayin.

(But just so you know…I’m taking every Saturday as a “free day”.  If I’m good on my diet and exercise then one good meal and a margarita on Saturday isn’t going to ruin it.  When it’s time to hit the contest preparations I’ll be as disciplined as I need to be, but for now, please don’t take my one margarita?)

We’re starting off with me going to his boot camps three times a week and considering the other four days recovery days.  (I’m beginning to think these boot camps might be tough.)  I’ll be going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except today because I thought today was tomorrow and I needed a recovery day from my lifting yesterday.  (Dumb story.)  The good news is that I can report with certainty that I do indeed have quadriceps muscles and I am painfully aware of their presence.  I started the day with a hot bath.  (The problem with starting a day with a hot bath is that’s really no way to start a day because you just want to be lazy.  I have too much to do.)

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 2 Slices of homemade oat bread toast with 1/3 fat cream cheese

Snack: 1 egg with ham on a low-carb tortilla

Lunch: 1 egg with bacon on a low-carb tortilla

Snack on the road: 25 almonds

Dinner: Mediterranean Diet Salad with gyro meat at Papouli’s Greek Restaurant (it was a lot of salad so I ate most of the 4oz of meat and half the salad).

I forgot to pack a snack for the road and it was a late night.  I never should have had coffee at 8pm.  I didn’t sleep all night.  I had 1 scoop of vanilla whey (concentrate) mixed with water before bed.

recumbent bike, desk, writer, exercise
This actually works!

First Week’s Progress:

I didn’t lose any overall weight or inches.  The good news is I lost 2% bodyfat which works out to 3.5lbs.  So, although my weight remained the same, this means I managed to lose 3.5lbs of bodyfat and build 3.5lbs of muscle.  My body composition is changing and I’m very excited about that.

*A note on progress:  I like to take as many measurements as possible when I’m trying to lose weight because we all have those weeks when the scale doesn’t move.  Instead of being bummed about my weight not changing, I can be very excited about fat loss and muscle gain.  The more muscle I have, the higher my metabolism will be and that means even more fat loss.

Today’s workout?

I have a zillion things to do today and most of them are on my computer.  I’ll ride my recumbent bike while I work.  (A little active recovery for my sissy legs.)