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The look I'm going for.


All heck broke loose on Friday and I ended up working about 18 hours that day.  I did remember to eat though!

Breakfast: Smoothie (1/2 cooked oatmeal, sugar free maple syrup, cinnamon, 2 scoops whey)

Elevensies: Sugar free, fat free, Pumpkin pie  (Don’t judge.  I made it myself.)

Lunch: Low Carb tortilla, grilled chicken breast, pico de gallo

Snack: EAS Advantedge Café Caramel

Dinner: low carb tortilla, peanut butter, 1 stalk celery and a glass of pinot grigio

Saturday was supposed to be my cheat day but I ended up working another 14 hours and didn’t really want to bother with food at all.

Breakfast: Banana

Lunch: an awful steak wrap from Taco Bell that looked completely different on the menu.  The wrap was nasty so I just ate the beef

Dinner: 2 slices of toast (homemade bread) with peanut butter

Before bed: a glass of cabernet sauvignon

*Not enough food and definitely not enough protein for a healthy diet.  Trying to make up for it today (Sunday).

Its been a strange week, followed by an even stranger weekend but things are starting to come into focus.

I saw my waist yesterday.  It was cool.

My pants are too big.  Not complaining.

Finally feeling recovered and ready for boot camp tomorrow!  WOOT!