“Stay true to yourself and what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t.”

Tashia Summers, Figure Competitor

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Since I started this transformation mission of mine, I’ve been very lucky to have friends who really seemed to understand why I needed to do it, especially my friend Dani who knew me before I got married when bodybuilding competition was my ultimate goal.  I’ve discovered that not everyone I know is as supportive though.  This weekend I received a scathing 900+ word letter explaining how everything I’m doing here is wrong and I’m ruining my career by making it public.  For those of you reading who don’t understand why a woman in her mid-forties would post a picture of herself in an ill-fitting bathing suit, here it is:

I am not the exception.  Most women my age, who have had children, fight with extra bodyfat like I do.  If I can make a change then maybe, just maybe, that knowledge could empower them to make a change for the better too.  I found my inspiration from the many people whose before and after photos are on the Body-for-Life website and in my Body-for-Life Success Journal that I use to record my goals, meals, and workouts every day.  If I can change my body, my health and my life, then anyone can.  If I can provide inspiration for some other 44 year old woman who has been a house drudge for years, then I will have been successful!

If people don’t approve of my being honest about who I am and what I want from my life then that’s an issue they need to work out for themselves.  I’m being positive, honest and authentic and nobody can tell me that is bad.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Smoothie (½ cup mixed berries, ¼ cup oats, 2 scoops of vanilla whey) 46g protein

Lunch: Ready-to-Drink protein drink (fruit punch) 30g protein

Dinner: Hazelnut Cream Protein Shake (2 scoops vanilla whey, 1 pkg instant hazelnut coffee)

Snack: 2 nachos (large tortilla chip with beans, cheese and tomatoes) and 2 16oz glasses of cider.

I meant to eat much better and add vegetables throughout the day but, as I’ve mentioned before, I try not to eat when I’m stressed because I forget to stop.  That letter threw me off my game.

I’m sure the evening snack is a surprise.  I was feeling a bit stir crazy and decided to go see Immortals at the Drafthouse.  I hadn’t had cider since I lived in England many years ago so I enjoyed a couple glasses without guilt.

I didn’t exercise except for the stairs to get to the theater, an endless flight of them I might add (uphill both ways).

This morning I was up at 5am and made it to my first bootcamp session with Jonathan Acosta.  Let me tell you something, I have been to boot camp.  I joined the Air Force and went through basic training like everyone else.  Boot camp was a cakewalk compared to working out with Jonathan!

Don’t be scared though.  He mixes up the exercises and everything is timed so you just do as much as you can in the allotted time.  Nobody there will judge you because they’re just working hard and sweating just like you.  Jonathan is very positive with everyone.  I didn’t see one stern glance today, it was always smiles and encouragement.  How can you not succeed with a guy like that encouraging you?

I can honestly say this was the sweatiest, most satisfying workout I’d ever done in my life.  I was also enlightened to the fact that I have some core muscles I never knew about (sure, I’ve seen them on anatomy charts but never felt them like this!)  Within five minutes of beginning, I was sweating.  I couldn’t do every exercise for the full amount of time and I really didn’t expect to, but I did every one until my muscles failed.  It was great!  We finished the workout after only 30 minutes (Jonathan said today was an easy day) and I was exhausted.  When I got back out to my Jeep, I sucked down the smoothie I’d made for after my workout: 2 scoops of whey protein, ½ cup mixed berries and ¼ oats.  I’m going to go for the half cup of oats next time.  I’m certain my body can handle them after a workout like that!

And yes, there will be a next time.  I’ll be there at 3800 Loop 410 bright and early at 6am on Wednesday morning.  Anybody care to join me?

Get Sexy San Antonio Boot Camps

3800 Loop 410 (Fredericksburg exit): M/W/F 6am, 7am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

See the satellite picture and details below on where to find it.

20323 Huebner Road, Suite 108 (Elite Karate): M/W 10am, 8:45pm, F 10am, 7:30pm

Semi-Private, Personal and Group Training is available on Tuesday and Thursday.

Contact Jonathan Acosta for more information at (210) 627-0217 (texting gets the fastest response)

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*On my way home after the workout, Jonathan texted me a high five and reminded me to have my shake.  Seriously, where else will you get that kind of attention?