jetsons, meal, pill, engineered foods

I took Sunday as a bona fide “Free Day”.  Let’s just say there was a cheeseburger and some carb loading involved.  I woke up weighing 176 (2lbs gained overnight) and feeling hung over (and I didn’t have a drop of alcohol).  It was all the starch’s effect on my blood sugar levels.  I went to bed late and skipped the early morning boot camp.  I’ll go to one of the evening sessions tonight.  I’m not too worried about the 2lbs.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  I know they’re just water. And I’ll drop them and one or two more before the end of the week. 

I find I’m much too busy working on SAXtreme Magazine, freelance work and my novels lately to really want to think about eating.  Food preparation takes minutes out of the day but they’re minutes I want to use elsewhere.  I’m wishing more and more for engineered foods.  Heck, a Star Trek style food replicator (with the perfect balance of nutrients and whatever flavor I like) or a Jetson’s style meal of tablets to swallow in a single gulp would be awesome.  But they are not to be, so I need to do what I can to do this correctly.

So I have protein powder, protein shots, Zone Perfect Bars and drinkable vitamins.  Jon says I need veggies with every meal.  I trust him.  I need to figure it out and just do it.  I love putting pumpkin in my protein shakes.  Problem is… pumpkin is a fruit.  I’ll have to ask Jon if I can run with the pumpkin puree.  I should probably get on that spinach suggestion of his too.  Hmm…spinach cream smoothie.  Nope, doesn’t get me very excited about eating.  This isn’t about foods that excite me though, it’s about foods that will feed my body so that it runs optimally. 

Note to self: Feeding the body is important work.