Apparently not.

I’ve really bared myself in a big way.

But first, SAXtreme Magazine was launched on Sunday, November 13th.  This project is a partnership with John Knotts.  We started working on it in September and, in unheard of timing, we managed to publish our first issue in November.  I’m very excited about this magazine and look forward to publishing an even bigger issue in January 2012.  please click on the image and check it out.  The magazine is free!

saxtreme, san antonio extreme, sa extreme
Click on the image to visit SAXtreme online!

And now on to my public exposure…

Jonathan Acosta of Get Sexy San Antonio has agreed to train me.  I have approximately 361 days before the next Lackland Classic Bodybuilding Competition in which I have publicly committed to compete in the Women’s Figure competition.  (So I really need to BRING IT!)  I’m blogging my progress the whole way as well as writing articles for the magazine on it.  In my blogs I bare my soul and my measurements.  (Talk about painting yourself into a corner, huh?)

Click on the pic below to check it out!

Click on the image to follow my transformation!