I didn’t post about my Friday yesterday morning when I should have and I have a very good excuse…er…reason.

It seems we’re always full of excuses when it comes to diet & weight loss, but the fact is changing you LIFESTYLE takes effort and LIFE HAPPENS.  It’s a battle.

Here’s what Friday looked like for me:

I had an evening meeting on Thursday and had a huge black coffee during the meeting.  I was awake all night and got no quality sleep.  *I’ve found sleep to be a serious issue for me when it comes to weight loss.  If I’m not getting enough sleep, the scale won’t move regardless of my efforts.

I started Friday sleep deprived and still extremely sore from my leg workout on Thursday.  The rest of the day was filled with an overabundance of job & money stress.  (Yes, unless your name is Hearst, magazine publishers need day jobs too.)

I can tell you now I did not eat enough calories to encourage my body to lose weight (if you don’t eat enough calories, your metabolism will shut down).  If I start eating when I’m stressed I have difficulty stopping.  That’s a pattern that I’m trying to change but it generally means I don’t eat when I’m stressed which can be just as dangerous.  I’m walking the tightrope on that one.

The freelance work I picked up required an 11pm phone conference and work keeps the roof over my head so it was a very long day.  At midnight, while I was still on the phone about the job, my ex husband called to tell me our 7-year-old had been coughing for an hour and maybe I should go over there in case he needed to go to the hospital.  (I chose my current neighborhood, even though it is a bad one, because it is only 1.5 miles away from where my ex and our sons live on Lackland Air Force Base.)  So out the door I went!  I walked into the house to hear that familiar cough that meant only one thing: the Croup was back.  I had Dad get our son’s two stuffed animal friends and his favorite sleeping blanket (so what if he’s 7?  Every boy is a baby when he’s sick)  while I snuggled my coughing son and explained in calm and soothing tones we were going to the hospital to get some medicine to make him feel better.  popsicleI made good on my word and my baby was healthy and back in his bed by 2am thanks to the wonderful staff at Wilford Hall Medical Center.  I explained to Dad what the doctor told me and told him I’d be back in the morning with Popsicles for our son’s raw throat.  I got to bed at 2:30am and woke to my alarm at 8am.  I called to check and our little guy was fine and playing though there was a considerable amount of butt dragging on my part after two nights with insufficient sleep and legs still sore from Thursday.

The moral of this story: Life happens.  Many days there are more important things than sleep, diet and exercise so we keep calm and carry on.

That brings us to Saturday and my next blog…

*The original picture that I posted here was not of my sick child.  Yes, it was the same child, but I never, EVER post current photos of my children online.  The photo was from a year ago but I wouldn’t want people to think I would exploit my child’s illness for a blog so I just had to set the record straight.